Why do you need a website?


Hello!! I’m glad to know that you are interested in this post.

Today I would like to share with you the importance of having a website.

Before getting into that I want to ask you something.

If someone asks you where do you stay? What will you answer? You’ll say I live in some city. If the answer needs to be specific then you’ll say I stay at some door no., Colony, City, etc.. That’s your address right!! Similarly a website is your address on the internet. If someone wants to visit you and know you at your place. They will come to your home location. Similarly if they want to know you on the internet they will visit your website.

I think now you got an idea of what a website is… with a simple example.

( I know most of you know what is a website but this for those who are new)

Let me ask you one more question

What do you do in order to buy any product? Ex: Washing machine

You search for it online right!!

Even if you want to buy it in a store. First, you prefer to search for it on the web. May be to check the price, features, or to see various models and comparisons. Like which brand should I buy? Which one is user friendly? Which gives a perfect wash? Which consumes less power etc.., and then you will take the decision.

Most of you do it right!!

So we are living in the digital era and having a digital presence is very important in this world.

I read somewhere that 93% of the buying  decisions start with a search online. If you have a business and your business doesn’t have a digital presence then you are selling to only 7% of the buyers.

So, your business needs to have a website and having a website

Helps to grow your Business

  • Gives clear idea of what type of products or services you offer
  • You can reach more no. of people
  • It helps to build trust in customers
  • Provides an opportunity to expand your business globally

We have n no. Of benefits like this…

But what if you are not into any business?

And I think you might also got a question when I said if someone wants to know you, they’ll visit your website.

You might ask, I already have my social profiles in Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc., people will get to know me there.

Why do I need a website?

I’ll try to answer this question with an example.

You may the know the difference between the rented house and the own house right!

Why do most of the people strive hard to make their own house?

You know the answer…..

If you are trying to build yourself on the social networking platforms, it’s like building your home in a rented place.

Do you have a freedom to make some changes to your home when you are a tenant?

No!! You will have many restrictions.

Similarly you and your followers in the social networking platforms are the users of those platforms. It’s not your own platform.

You cannot put your hard earned money to build your dream home in other’s place.  If you want to build, you need to buy that place first.

In the same way, you need to have your own place on the internet.

That place is your WEBSITE.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t need social media. Social media will surely help you to grow your network. But you don’t need to spend much time over there, you can use those platforms to direct your network to your content in your platform.

But how will a website help you?

Why do you need to have a website?

Well, having a website has a lot of benefits.

It helps in getting a job

Most of the recruiters search for candidates online, go through their profiles on various platforms and try to know them before giving an offer.

  • So if you have a website, recruiters can find you much more easily.
  • You can show your talent, skills and passion on your own platform.
  • You can also show your previous work experience or projects etc., which will help you in career growth.
  • It also stands out as an amazing resume and helps you in landing your dream job.

Provides you an opportunity to share your ideas, thoughts and creativity.

Did you ever feel like you cannot speak or you are scared of public speaking and took a back step in any events or discussions even though you want to share something?

If yes, then your website will help you. You can start blogging on your website where

  • You can share your views, ideas thoughts
  • You can share your passion
  • You can reach and also teach a wide range of audience.
  • You can also expand your growth on your hobby.

You will learn new things

  • First you will learn more about your niche because you need to educate others in order to teach others
  • You will improve your writing skills and communication skills as you want to explain in a better way so that your audience will understand
  • You can get technical knowledge because you will learn how to build a website, how to install and use various themes, designs, how to build web pages etc.,
  • You will also learn digital marketing as you try to get traffic to your website, reach more no. of people, rank in search results etc.,
  • You will connect with new people and grow your network

 It will help you to make money  

If you are into either into Blogging or Affiliate marketing or freelancing and take this seriously

  • You can be Your Own Boss
  • You don’t need to get stuck in Office Politics
  • You can decide your work timings
  • You have freedom to work from anywhere
  • You can choose your projects and clients

Helps to create your personal brand and start your business

As you gain some exposure, experience, build your network. It helps you to stand out from the crowd, builds trust among your users and followers and thus slowly creates your personal brand. And this helps you to start your own business.

Amazing right!!

So, your website will help you in gaining all these….


Do you want to share your passion?

Do you want to educate others?

Do you want to build your own brand?


Start a step to build your own website

With this note I would like conclude this post. I hope you got to know something.

Read this article to know more on why digital marketing is important for business

Feel free to ask any queries and please provide your valuable feedback.

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